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PADCenter™ is the cornerstone of Guard 1’s innovative approach to electronic data capture, storage, retrieval and customized reporting. Get a first-hand look at how Guard 1 can safeguard your company’s people, assets and data.

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people, assets, data

Event Cataloging

Events happen at all hours of every day.

Guard 1 can identify and catalog "events" — frac trucks, water deliveries, fuel deliveries, completion rigs and safety inspections, among others — as an operating and oversight support function. Broken down by service line or vendor type, we can also sort data by driver name, type of truck, drivers license number, service provider name… the list is endless and customized to the needs and specifications of each Guard 1 customer.

Using the hectic fracking process as an event example, Guard 1 can track how many frac trucks arrive, what time they are delivered and how long they are on the jobsite. In doing so, companies can create event criteria for which Guard 1 can provide detailed reports that determine and create best practices.