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PADCenter™ is the cornerstone of Guard 1’s innovative approach to electronic data capture, storage, retrieval and customized reporting. Get a first-hand look at how Guard 1 can safeguard your company’s people, assets and data.

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people, assets, data

Our Safeguarding Advantage

Our authoritative presence safeguards people, assets and data in ways a clipboard, a fence and a sign cannot.

Tens of millions of dollars of corporate assets — drilling equipment, rigs, materials, tanks, vehicles, product inventory — come and go from every jobsite. Guard 1 digitally documents every entry and exit of service providers, trucks and equipment to safeguard your personnel, equipment, critical data and inventory. Our services also help meet your contractual obligations to the landowner.

Guard 1's professional on-site presence provides an official physical checkpoint as a level of protection against unauthorized access and costly opportunistic theft. Importantly, ours is one of few enterprises that offer both a mobile RV gate model and a fixed-point 12-hour shift guard shelter model. In doing so, Guard 1 can provide a professional, trained presence at your jobsite aligned with both your brand and budget.

Guard 1's rigidly trained gate guards, coupled with our first-of-its-kind proprietary software, have raised the bar of the industry standard… and we continue to evolve our software solutions with upgrades and technologies unmatched in the marketplace