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PADCenter™ is the cornerstone of Guard 1’s innovative approach to electronic data capture, storage, retrieval and customized reporting. Get a first-hand look at how Guard 1 can safeguard your company’s people, assets and data.

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people, assets, data


Guard 1 is your eyes, ears and professional partner on the ground and at the jobsite to safeguard people, assets and data, and to collect and disseminate data on a real-time basis.

We provide all aspects of gate guard security services to protect people and assets at a jobsite.

  • Comprehensive security services
  • Gate guard and guard shelter services
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance - GATEConnect™
  • Patrol services

Guard 1 also serves as your business partner to collect, store and protect digitized data and provide customized reporting.

  • Consulting, project management
  • Data protection
  • Access logs and documentation
  • Digital recordkeeping and reporting