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PADCenter™ is the cornerstone of Guard 1’s innovative approach to electronic data capture, storage, retrieval and customized reporting. Get a first-hand look at how Guard 1 can safeguard your company’s people, assets and data.

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people, assets, data

Safety Assurance

If you don't take safety seriously, others won't either.

Guard 1's presence on your jobsite provides a positive and lasting impression. Professional gate guards monitor all in and out traffic and manage the digital recordkeeping at entry and exit points. Your specific PADPlaybook™ safety policies and procedures are reviewed with every person that accesses your site, and adherence is documented via Guard 1's only-of-its-kind digital PADCenter™ technology. This allows for real-time data collection and recordkeeping, which is exponentially superior to the antiquated clipboard mentality, and is another building block that supports certification and safety.