Key Benefits

  • real-time access to critical data
  • customized report management
  • detailed event cataloging
  • invoice audit data support
  • regulatory compliance
  • signature authentication
  • safety assurance and accident avoidance


people, assets, data


Your jobsite demands real-time technology, not paper on a clipboard and a No. 2 pencil.

PADCenter™ is the cornerstone of Guard 1's innovative approach to electronic data capture, storage, retrieval and customized reporting. In addition to being the first-of-its-kind management tool for protecting people, assets and data, PADCenter™ is also the first and only-of-its-kind business concept for the onshore oil and gas industry.

Accountability is paramount, and Guard 1's PADCenter™ is an entrée to unmatched technology, software and methodology. The result is a win/win for a wide range of associates and departments within your company — accounting, security, procurement, operations, HSE, legal — as well as shareholders and constituent landowners.