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PADCenter™ is the cornerstone of Guard 1’s innovative approach to electronic data capture, storage, retrieval and customized reporting. Get a first-hand look at how Guard 1 can safeguard your company’s people, assets and data.

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people, assets, data

Expertise + Technology
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Guard 1 Services is a solutions-based, service-oriented enterprise that protects people, assets and data with unmatched credibility and accountability.

PADCenter™ represents the first-of-its-kind platform for protecting people (P), assets (A) and mission critical data (D) in the active, ever-changing onshore energy industry. Our dynamic company is led by an impressive leadership team with more than 50 years of collective experience in the security industry.

At the core of our service methodology is Guard 1's proprietary PADPlaybook™, customized with the customer to (i) document current business, risk management and technical requirements, and (ii) incorporate specifications to support a company's physical security, HSE compliance and asset performance. PADPlaybook™, a key component of our standard-setting methodology, is the cornerstone for ensuring strict, consistent adherence to each customer's specific operating standards.

In addition to companies in the dynamic onshore oil and gas industry, Guard 1's expertise, technology and methodology can be utilized by companies in many other industries — construction, industrial/plant facilities, corporate real estate, ranching — where real-time data collection and accountability at multiple remote sites is of value and concern.