Guard 1 Services provides gate guard services and integrated security solutions for the energy industry. Fully licensed and insured, Guard 1 utilizes proprietary technologies to develop customized solutions at an optimum value, executed by highly trained professionals. Our mobile platform-based company unequivocally leads the industry in safeguarding people, assets and critical data digitally and efficiently, with a laser focus on onshore drilling and related storage, gathering and processing locations. Through our revolutionary PADCenter™ platform, Guard 1 is the first in the industry to implement and continually evolve an electronic data-gathering and storage tool in the safety and security space of the onshore energy industry.

PADCenter™ Demo

Our first-of-its-kind digital solution provides real-time access to mission-critical data.

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Job Opportunities

Our rapidly growing, dynamic company offers an initial on-line application process for gate guards and various other field-level positions.

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